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Volunex Pte Ltd is a fast growing Singapore based company that started designing and manufacturing affordable, easy-to-use, robust and ready-to-print personal 3D printer, the Venus which officially started selling in 2013.  We have a dedicated team with multi-disciplinary engineering expertises such as Robotics, Mechatronics, Instrumentation, Process Control and Computer Software.  At Volunex, we are strongly committed to offer consumer a high quality and cost-effective 3D printing solutions with the spirit of the free software movement. Eventually, we strive to make personal 3D printing a better experience, accessible to anyone at an affordable price.

Our 3D printers allow one to explore their creativity and imagination to design and manufacture virtually anywhere using 3D printing technology, whether short-run manufacturing or rapid prototyping to make a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape. From innovators, prototypers, manufacturers, hobbyists, engineers, educators, architects or medical alike—as a community we are advancing the world of 3D printing. Our local manufacturing process produces high-quality, and durable printers that allow you to repeat projects time and time again and more efficient which could potentially offset your capital costs. As the 3D Printer comes fully assembled with easy to install software, thus, provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience” .

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Volunex Pte Ltd
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